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My services are designed with you and your horse in mind, and I believe in working as much with you as with your horse. I’m proud of my success with various horse and rider pairs and the level of satisfaction my clients come away with every time - guaranteed.

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Diamond Hill Farms

  • Spacious 12x12 matted stalls

  • Individual stall fans

  • Nutrena & Tribute grains

  • Quality grass and alfalfa hay

  • Individual or group turnout

  • Indoor with BigAss Fan & mirrors

  • Hot/cold wash rack


Create a ZEN partnership

I have been a dedicated dressage enthusiast since a young age and have devoted my career to enhancing the horse and rider relationship. I take pride in being there every step of the way whether it is a show career or a personal learning goal.

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Time for you to shine

If you and your horse are ready to make your show goals a reality, continue to read! We are familiar with End-of-the-Year awards and want to help you achieve those goals. We understand the time and dedication it takes to campaign your horse for successful show season.

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